32 Weeks


Date: 7/19/16

Cravings: Anything and everything spicy!

Bump: Yes, and a super high one at that.

Latest Project: Getting puke stains out of baby clothes and working on your nursery – finally!

Nursery Status: Repainting the furniture, making new curtains, and starting the artwork.  It look like more of a nursery and less of a disaster soon, I hope.

Fear: I am going to get pre-eclampsia again, retain a ton of fluid, and be miserable for the last month.

Excitement: Knowing that the end is close and seeing how tiny all the newborn clothes are.

Complaint: Lower back pain and general soreness.  Plus feeling like I am constantly out of breath and moving super slow.


28 Weeks!

28 Weeks - 1   28 Weeks - 2

Date: 6/21/16

Cravings: Nutella

Bump: Oh, yeah

Latest Project: Continuing to organize and throw stuff away (much to Daddy’s dismay). Finishing Big Sister’s room so I can focus on the nursery.

Nursery Status: Began repainting all of the furniture in the nursery.  So far I have only finished an end table but you have to start somewhere!

Fear: How I am going to divide my time between you and your big sister.

Excitement: Asking big sister if she wants a girl baby or a boy baby and her response is “ahhh, a baby!” – every single time!

Complaint: Feeling tired (just look at the pictures).

Because Daddy was feeling left out……

28 Weeks - Daddy