24 Weeks!

Date: 5/24/16

Cravings: 7up & Trader Joe’s Mini Cheese Sandwich Crackers

Bump: Yes.

Latest Project: Papa S is working on cutting out the artwork I drew for you and I am almost finished binding your baby quilt.

Nursery Status: No change.

Fear: That we won’t get everything done in time – I think I had the same fear with your sister the entire time – and that you will come too early.

Excitement: Watching my belly move around and feeling you move EVERY time I eat something.

Complaint: The heartburn has officially started and if you move any higher in my belly I will be able to taste you!


20 Weeks!

20 Weeks - 1 20 Weeks - 2

Date: 4/26/16

Cravings: 7up, Erberts & Gerberts, and Little Debbie Cupcakes (dear lord save me….)

Bump: Yes, if know me, you can definitely see it.  If not, it looks like I had Chipotle for lunch….. yummm, Chipotle….

Latest Project: The artwork for your nursery and we got the kitchen/living room painted.

Nursery Status: I finished making you some cozy flannel sheets but, other than that, nothing. Your sister is breaking it in for you.

Fear: I was very afraid something was wrong but the ultrasound this week made me feel a lot better. Just constantly worried about you growing.

Excitement: Seeing you and making sure everything was growing well at our 20 week ultrasound.

Complaint: I am really feeling pretty good but my lower back is fatigued frequently.