The Summer of Everything

This was supposed to be my summer of nothing.  Summer 2012 – we built a house and planned a wedding.  Summer 2013 – we became newly weds and figured out how to deal with major loss.  Summer 2014 – we learned how to be parents and how to love eachother through the parenting. 2015 – was to be our year of recovery; to focus on everything we had built together and enjoy it; to be us – all three of us.

Summer 2015 came at us with a different plan.

With Derek’s work schedule, we were used to carefully prioritizing events and deciding which he would be able to attend and which Hammie & I would take on solo. Full weekends with Daddy were special and only once a month. But as life would have it, Summer 2015 brought a major and unexpected career change for Hubs. Suddenly, we had countless weekends and much more time during the week to spend together.  My “summer of nothing” became a summer of everything.  We had picnics, discovered countless breweries, camped, spent a weekend at Grandma & Grandpa’s, took a week long family trip with Grannie & Grandpa, finished a full marathon on rollerblades, went on LONG walks almost everyday, saw friends get married – and best of all – attended every weekend event as a family. It was amazing.

As blessed as we were with all the fun, every new adventure has growing pains.  It was hard.  It was uncertain. It was adjustment. For the fourth year of our lives, it was hard. Hubs and I used eachother – as punching bags, as sounding boards, as strength, as a place to store our fear, as a reminder of why it is all worth it.

Looking back now, as we recover and rebuild, I see we grew again.  January 7th will mark our fifth year as partners.  I know marrriage isn’t easy for anyone but this relationship has got to be special to survive such major changes in the first half decade. I am proud to say we are survivors. We are fighters.

We are each others lighters.

(ps – if this video doesn’t make you bawl, you aren’t human.)