Dearest Hammie,

You are one. We officially celebrated with yogurt and a picnic and unofficially celebrated with a crap load of people, a tutu, tails, and one gigantic cake of your very own.

I still can’t believe a whole year has passed. Some days I still can’t believe you are all mine forever. I know I have to share you but you will always be mine.

We have survived your first 104+ temperature, countless boo-boos, and thousands of hours spent cuddling and nursing. I know everyone thinks their kid is perfect but you truly were a great baby. Sleeping through the night early – you know your mama doesn’t do well without sleep – and unbelievably happy.

It is so much fun to see your personality beginning to show – although the stubbornness and independence is trying some days. Everyone always comments on how smiley you are – seriously, you make friends with everyone you see and love to smile to make others smile back. You have no problem leaving mom in the dust at “school” because you know I’ll be the first to pick you up when you fall.

Thank you for making this first year amazing. And exhausting. Incredibly fulfilling and highly emotional. Thank you for pushing Daddy and I to grow into new people. Hopefully better people.

I promise to spend the next year continuing to help you grow into even more of an amazing toddler. I also promise to start watching my f*bombs – I know you are listening.

I love you in the morning and in the afternoon. I love you in evening and underneath the moon.

Always my baby.