The Year of Me

Well, 2014 was a success.  I fulfilled my New Year’s Resolution of finding “my happy” – of finding my happiness for others.  This resolution made me the most whole. I was able to fully appreciate the happiness of others and truly enjoy it.  I found my happy in Hubs being the first person to hold Hammie’s hand, Cousin IJ losing her 7th tooth, Uncle T finding a love for crossfit and Auntie A starting a new career adventure.  I could feel the joy in Auntie T learning to drive and Auntie R starting life-altering fitness plan. My heart grew as Grandpa and Grannie celebrated 30 years together and Grandpa and Grandma S started running 5Ks.  It amazed me to watch old friends become new moms and buy new houses and when great moms announced they were again growing their families. My pride swelled as Hammie learned to rollover and grew six teeth.  When she discovered how to crawl, sit, and smile.

2014 was great. G-R-E-A-T. 2014 made me a mom.

2013 was amazing. It made me a wife.

The past two years, I have spent learning a new identity.  First how to be a wife and second how to become a mother. It was incredible and challenging. It was invigorating and exhausting.  It made me cry a lot, love a lot, and laugh a lot.

So what does that mean for 2015?  A month has already passed. Hammie has grown 2 more teeth and cousin IJ lost her 8th. I have turned a year older and celebrated another year as a partner to my Hubs.

2015, I  have decided, is about me.  It is about learning what I need to feel whole and fulfilled. It is taking time to build new friendships and salvage old ones.  It is about letting go of grudges and letting things slide. It is about loving people for who they are and appreciating them for their capabilities. 2015 is about regaining my style, my fitness, my drive.  It is about having more conversations that don’t involve breastfeeding, nap schedules, and diapers. It’s about maintaining my identity outside of my family so I can better enjoy my time with my family.

2015 is the year I learn how to be the best me so I can be a better wife and momma.

Ready or Not