Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season. It is the approving nod to put up those holiday wreaths, pull out those dusty stockings, and cut down that fresh scented tree. We string hundreds of bulbs of holiday cheer in the form tiny twinkle lights and put on those corny holiday albums. Thanksgiving is the start of it all.  The day we reflect on the amazing lives we have been blessed with, stuff our faces with family bonding (and food), and go around the table stating the one thing we are most grateful for.

Turkey-Day is the only holiday that has only two requirements – food and love.  Seriously, how amazing is that? No fussing with presents and unnecessary décor. Just load up the table with hungry faces and fill the plates with steaming piles of carbohydrates! That’s it.  We get to focus on the real meat – not, just the turkey. We think about the people sharing our table and growing our lives. The ones who make us smile and make the minutes of our lives memories.

This year, my heart is happy. It is full. Hubs and I have survived the first six months of parenthood and are beginning to figure out our path as parents and spouses. Hammie has survived her first six months as our first born and is beginning to figure out how to make our lives more complicated by becoming mobile.

I know we meet the two necessary Thanksgiving requirements. I am beyond lucky to say that my heart is as full today as my plate was at dinner.