Dearest Hammie,

I am not good at a lot of things – sharing my favorite snacks, asking for help when I desperately need it, saying I’m sorry – but thank you for making me really good at one thing. I am really great at being your momma.

The days in the hospital were rough but, once we got home, things kind of just fit. I learned your different sounds and you learned to navigate my twice-the-size-of-your-head boobs.

Six months ago you made me a momma and everyday I am proud to hold that title. So much has changed in those few months but you and I just seem to work.  You are the white to my rice. My sidekick. I am going to hold on tight to these few days that you think I am the greatest because, I fear, soon you will realize how fab your daddy is. You look just like him and you already have his silly sense of humor.

But ***shhhhhhh*** for the next little while you are still mine. I am going to keep reminding myself that you make me great. You make me really good at one thing…. being your momma.

Love Always!

Your Momma