The Past 8 Weeks

The past eight weeks have flown by faster than I could have ever imagined.  My little Hammie has managed to pack on over five pounds, grow the most adorable rolls, and burrow her way into places in my heart I didn’t know existed. It sounds crazy but I have to remind myself that she is mine – forever. Like forever-ever.

As quickly as the time passes, I need to keep reminding myself of things I never want to forget.  I know that I will remember the sleepless (feeling) nights, the hormonal tears, the never ending stream of dirty diapers, and the nights it took two plus hours to get her to sleep.  But I really don’t want to forget the amazing parts – like the overwhelming love I felt when they placed her on my chest.

So here is my list of amazing things that I want to photograph with my mind:

– The raised eyebrows and “O” mouth she made when we first turned on the vibration in her Rock’n’Play

– How much she loved baths in the sink and would kick around

– The nights she refused to sleep but would tip her head back and stare at me. It felt like she was studying my face so she would never forget her momma

– The faces she makes in her sleep

– Her feet tucked up under her butt as she slept on my chest – just the tiniest ball of love

– The first time I heard her giggle (she was sleeping but it was amazing)

– Falling asleep with her arms bear hugging me

– Crazy cute wrinkles on her forehead

– Her intense eye contact and milk drunk smiles while eating

– The sweet smell of her breath when she finishes eating

– Her little eyes that could find me in the room full of people when she heard my voice

It amazes me that it only took a few short hours and one teeny tiny human to so drastically change my life. I no longer suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) because I would rather spend hours holding my baby than do anything else in the world. I only get to do this a few times (God willing) and this will be the ONLY time I get to do this with Hammie.  So I plan to enjoy every moment of it because I have a lifetime to catch up on all the things I missed out on but I will never get these newborn cuddles back.

Glitter in the Air