30 Weeks


???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

Date: 3/12/14

Cravings: Avocado, McDonald’s chocolate shakes, Cheerios, Rolo’s

Bump: Mmhmmm, it most definitely is.

Latest Project: Creating an organizer for you closet.

Nursery Status: Everything is ready – but we are still waiting on Daddy to order the rocking chair!

Fear: We won’t have everything we need when you decide to come. Also, that my wedding band and engagement ring may never fit again.

Excitement: Touring the hospital. Also, you started getting the hiccups which was really cute at first and now I just feel bad for you – seriously, 4 times yesterday? It was an added bonus to see you hiccup on the ultrasound!

Complaint: Tightness in my hips and feeling tired all the time – but it is totally worth it because I am feeling pretty comfortable still!

30 Wks - 3


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