26 Weeks

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

Date:   2/12/14

Cravings: Grilled Cheese Sammies, Sparkling Apple Juice, Ice Cream, & Crispix’s

Bump: Yes – it is definitely here!

Latest Project: Knitting a snuggly sleep sack!

Nursery Status: Dresser, Book shelf, Crib (and all bedding), and Artwork is all completed!  Just need your daddy to order the rocking chair and hang the artwork!

Fear: My stomach is going to split in two – serious skin stretching in the past few weeks.

Excitement: My hair is super thick and long!!!!

Complaint: Needing to pee every hour (or more often) is getting really old.

Thanks To: Granny and Auntie T for painting your crib!



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