28 Weeks – 3rd Trimester!

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Cravings: Ice cream, Rolo’s, Avocado, Cheerios (not Crispix! Go figure!)

Bump: Most definitely.

Latest Project: Finishing the sleep sack and working on your bubble mobile.

Nursery Status: Still waiting on daddy to order our rocker! Once the mobile is done, everything is ready for you to come!

Fear: Today I got teary-eyed when I realized we are going to be parents in the next three months.  That is incredibly overwhelming and scary.  Also, I fear that I don’t have enough for you to wear when you get here…. hopefully going naked is cool with you!

Excitement: 12 weeks or less until we get to meet you!

Complaint: Your head on my stomach is making all meals extremely painful.

Thanks To: Daddy for putting up with my mood swings.



26 Weeks

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Date:   2/12/14

Cravings: Grilled Cheese Sammies, Sparkling Apple Juice, Ice Cream, & Crispix’s

Bump: Yes – it is definitely here!

Latest Project: Knitting a snuggly sleep sack!

Nursery Status: Dresser, Book shelf, Crib (and all bedding), and Artwork is all completed!  Just need your daddy to order the rocking chair and hang the artwork!

Fear: My stomach is going to split in two – serious skin stretching in the past few weeks.

Excitement: My hair is super thick and long!!!!

Complaint: Needing to pee every hour (or more often) is getting really old.

Thanks To: Granny and Auntie T for painting your crib!



There are certain songs that make me cry.  I am not sure why but sometimes it feels good to play them and let the tears go. Today is that day. Today is February 6th – the day I have been dreading since July 6th. We were supposed to be excited about today. Today was supposed to change our lives. Today was supposed to be the day we became a family – a real true family – complete with the dog, toy cluttered living room, and lack of sleep.

Someday, today will turn into any other day but, for now, I press repeat one. more. time. Tomorrow, I’ll be happy.  Tomorrow, I’ll be fine. Today, I hold on.

I Hold On

24 Weeks

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Date:   1/29/14

Cravings: Apple sauce, avocado, and my daily bowl (or two) of Crispix’s

Bump: Yes!

Latest Project: Working on making your changing pad cover, sheets, and burp rags.

Nursery Status: Your crib is a work in progress! – thanks to Daddy, Granny, and Auntie T!

Fear: I am back to worrying that you will come too early. It is seriously cold out here – please wait until spring!

Excitement: Seeing your nursery come together and picking out anything baby!  I LOVE the fabric store.

Complaint: Lower back pain – looking forward to using my massage certificate from Daddy for my birthday!

Thanks To: Raven for helping me navigate the confusing world that is “Cloth Diapering” and Auntie T for finishing the edges of all your cloth wipes!

24 Wks - 3