Seeing Your Face

Dearest Hammie,

Last week we got to see you – not just the fuzzy outline of a fuzz.  We actually got to see your face. It was amazing. At 21 weeks old, your momma and daddy got to meet you. I thought for sure I would cry.  Lets face it, between hormones and this whole momma thing, I have become quite the crybaby.

But there weren’t any tears.  Instead, I went into concerned parent mode and asked all the vital questions – All limbs are present? Lobes of the brain? Chambers of the heart? The spine? The size?  The placenta? I asked a million questions and your daddy quietly held my hand. Everything was there and everything was healthy.

After spending years thinking my body wasn’t good enough because didn’t fit perfectly in that teeny tiny pair of skinny jeans and years of thinking my body was broken because it would never be able to grow a child, there you were – every body part and system was present and accounted for.  The overwhelming emotion didn’t hit me until we were leaving the clinic – you were prefect.

Now I am just excited.  Everyday, I find myself daydreaming about holding your tiny, warm, cuddly body and your kicks against my bladder are a constant reminder that you are fighter.  You are just as stubborn as your momma (your granny reminds me of that often enough).  We are going to do this.

Love always!




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