18 Weeks

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Date:   12/18/13

Cravings: WintOgreen Mints, Orange Juice, and STILL obsessed with Crispix*s

Bump: *sigh* Kinda – not really even though it grew 1.25″ in the past week.

Latest Project: Still working on knitting your blanket.

Nursery Status: Searching for the perfect dresser to paint and rocker to refinish.

Fear: Every ache and pain makes me worry…

Excitement: Feeling your tiny little baby kicks!!! And having way more energy during the day!

Complaint: Daddy is unable to feel your kicks and is starting to get jealous!


16 Weeks

???????????????????????????????     ???????????????????????????????

Date:   12/4/13

Cravings: Grape Laffy Taffy, Root Beer Floats, and still obsessed with Crispix

Bump: Maybe…. kind of… not really.

Latest Project: Knitting your first blanket.

Nursery Status: The bookshelf and table are moved into the room but no other progress.

Fear: You will decide to come too soon – please stay in there, okay?  I promise, it is freezing out here.

Excitement: Picking out tiny onsies for you to wear when you get here!

Complaint: Still tired but now I am ALWAYS hungry!