The Agreement

Dearest Hammie,

Daddy and I got to meet you for the first time today.  To be honest, I was terrified.  Terrified you would be too little or unhealthy.  Terrified that we had already lost you.

Well, you were little.  Less than a centimeter long but your heartbeat was loud and clear.  It was a scary sound; it was small but determined. I couldn’t help but fall in love.  Falling in love is what scares me.  What if you leave me?

Please don’t leave me.  I will suffer many more nights of “morning” sickness and days of anxiety waiting for test results.  I promise to not complain, if you promise to keep growing – slowly but determinedly. Can we please come to an agreement?

Your daddy and I are expecting you as an anniversary gift.

Love Always,

Your Momma

Give Me Love


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