I Always Get What I Want

So I guess it is time to start discussing when to start “trying” again. Or, as the blogs say TTC. How annoying and efficient? I want to be the bold and obnoxious one that post something like “why not be honest and just say that you are now forcing your husband to fuck you on a ridiculous schedule? After which, it will no longer be fun for anyone and will probably make him dread seeing your ‘bedroom baby’ eyes.” (Haha – that one actually made me laugh.)

Hubs and I talked about it the other day. I am 100% certain that I frustrated the crap out of him. He wanted to wait a while. So I wanted to know how long “a while” is considered and why now he wants to wait? So then he said we could wait until after my first cycle which is what the doctor said. But that rational answer wasn’t good enough for me because now I want to know why he was willing to quickly change his mind? Now I have him good an annoyed so he asked me how long I want to wait. My answer “I don’t want a new one. I want the same one.” As tears well up and slowly start to mess up my makeup, he tells me that I can’t have that. He can’t give me that.

“But I always get what I want.”

Wake Me Up


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