Not Your Ordinary Prince Charming

My best friend and I got married in May. Personally, I think the whole “love of your life” thing is stupid. You should marry the man who makes you feel amazing and makes you smile when you really want to punch someone (which is common for me). Let’s be honest, staying out of jail is far more important than having the white picket fence, right?

D wasn’t the man of my dreams and I mean that in the best way possible. Honestly, I have never dreamed about a man or had a “type”. Usually, men were attractive until I talked to them…. At which point, they annoyed me – OR – they decided I was too difficult to waste their time on. D was different. He became my friend and quickly edged his way into my heart – which I had attempted to sew shut. The entire time we were dating, I eased my commitment phobic heart by saying “I will stay until I have a reason to leave.” Fortunately for me, he never gave me a reason to use my ‘opt out’ clause. That isn’t to say that everything is dandy through my rose colored Michael Kors glasses. I think I just needed the reminder that I was CHOOSING to stay and not staying out of necessity.

So despite the fact that we weren’t “Meant To Be”, we were entirely made for each other and spend every day reminding each other of that fact. From the way our bodies twist together when we lay down to watch an episode of our most recent favorite show to the way we know exactly which catchphrase the other is going to use at that moment, our souls were meant to desire and depend on one another.

My best friend, My Teammate, My Husband

I Dare You


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